Sikhism (service)

Ravdeep and I decided she would drive me to the service and I would meet at her house before. She instructed me to wear leggings and a long cardigan and a loose headscarf, because while Sikhs prefer to be modest they are not strict with their rules of what is considered modest. Driving up to the temple it was a large rectangular shaped building consisting of two floors. As we entered, the first floor was an eating area where everyone could sit together. All the food (langar) was free and vegetarian (which was a plus for me because I am vegetarian).We ate for a while and then headed upstairs to the prayer room. As you walk in you approach the Guru Granth Sahib and bow down in front of it, women then walk and sit down on one side of the room and men the other. The service carries on for an hour with three men playing instruments and singing verses in Punjabi. Afterwards children rushed to the front to help hand out napkins as the men dispensed parshad (a pudding of sorts with flour, butter, sugar, and water). Afterwards everyone headed back downstairs where more food was given out for everyone to eat, including curry, lentils, salad, rice, roti (basically pita bread), and desserts. During my time at the temple each person I saw looked at me as if I was a Sikh and warmly welcomed me. I left the service feeling happily stuffed and completely entranced by the Sikh culture… and that is the gospel truth.


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