Methodism (service)

I woke up before six, dreary eyed I picked out a dress and cardigan with flats to wear. Emma was helping to lead the service so I had to drive to the church and enter it alone. For the first time I finally felt nervous, looking at the bigger than life church, not knowing which way to go, it felt like a comparison to not knowing my faith. I finally found the service, in the courtyard, after walking through the church. I sat with Emma’s parents who arrived shortly after and the service began. No one seemed to notice I had never been to this church before, everyone welcomed me and we all sang together like one community. Then we prayed, I followed along and after the prayer one of Emma and I’s friend led a sermon where she compared highschool to Easter. Following the service each person was given a flower to put on the cross in the front of the church. The whole service had surprised me and was not what I had expected, it was a pleasant surprise. After putting the flower on the cross and seeing the sunrise above it I felt weightless and peaceful… and that is the gospel truth. img_7186.jpg


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