Methodism (background)

Methodism comes from a denomination of Protestant Christianity who follow the teachings of mainly John Wesley and others. What separates Methodism from other religions is its’ assurance of salvation, imparted righteousness, and the primacy of scripture. My friend Emma offered to take me to her Methodist church for their sunrise Easter service. Males and females wear what is considered their “Sunday best”, including dresses for women and nice shirts and pants for men. The service typically consists of singing, music, prayer, and a sermon or message. I felt less nervous attending the Easter service than I had been about attending the Islamic service. I understood the reason was partially due to the fact I felt I would fit in better at Emma’s church rather than the mosque due to my appearance (although after the Islamic service I knew my nervous feelings of not fitting in were foolish). Before attending the Methodist Easter service I felt confident about myself and about my knowledge in the religion… and that is the gospel truth.


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