Islam (background)

Islam begins with the final prophet Muhammad. In 610 CE Muhammad began to tell others about his revelations from God conveyed to him through the angel Gabriel. History continues on and Islam grows to become, according to the Pew Research Center, the second largest religion in the world. Islamic services occur every Friday, the one day Muslims are required to attend the mosque, at varying times. Males and Females must walk through separate doors and pray in separate areas. Men are required to cover from their navel to their knees while women have to wear hijabs and cover all of their body excluding their face, hands, and feet. I asked my friend Zihni to accompany me to a Friday service at his local community center. Multiple thoughts raced through my mind, I would be an outcast, no one would want me there, what is acceptable, and what do I wear!? Before attending the Muslim service I felt nervous… and that is the gospel truth.


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