I will admit that I am not religious, yet I find religion immensely intriguing. I was raised in an unreligious family. My mother was raised in a Methodist family and my father in a strict Catholic, but their religion was force fed to them so as they grew older they abandoned their religions. Although they no longer believed they would buy me children’s books about every religion known, leaving the door open for me to choose a religion (or not). I am thankful my parents never forced me into a religion growing up, yet as I grew I felt something was missing. I was surrounded by friends who were all tied to a religion, who had a community and security. I longed for what my friends had growing up, yet no religion ever called to me like it seemed to for my friends. I kept this longing in the back of mind until the end of junior year when I came to terms that I was not religious and may never be. This blog was made for me to explore different religions and write about my interactions with them and their history. I hope you enjoy… and that is the gospel truth.